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If its not broken, why fix it?

I know some people in oracle had to sign off on this saying its ready. I imagine they must be taking some heat. Sent from my Verizon Wireless BlackBerry

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Count me in the 90% loop...but I think it's *great* that, with Flash, I can see all the benefits of My Oracle Support loop by as I wait for the login to, uh, never complete. Frankly, I am a little jealous of those of you who are at least logged in!  


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My IE 6 browser made it to the 90% loop. My IE 8 and Firefox on Linux and Windows never even made it that far.

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After the upgrade over the weekend, are people finding that searching for patches is turning up nothing? I looked for the patchset for RDBMS Server on Linux x86-64 and nothing turns up. It just shows the search results as a blank page.

Any one else seeing similar issues? Any workarounds?  

Tried logging on an hour ago.  

Browser is still at "Loading - 90%"  

Must be the last mile problem. ;)

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