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I am not sure that I caught all of the threads for this e-mail - but we recently had a tough battle with an Oracle database - 64 bit technology on Windows 2003...the instance and entire server would just hang up. Going to the windows server console showed a grey screen - never saw that before... After much banging of our heads on the table, checking event logs, trace files alert logs - checking under every rock...we finally caught cpu spiking through the roof. (Yeah we have a host of thing monitoring cpu, memory etc and nothing reported 100% cpu before the box and instance went to lunch.)

Having forgot DBA 101 drills, I neglected to check on database stats - which should have been fine - but were not...turns out some third party vendor instructed us to drop stats and then recalculate the stats on a 100GB+ database weekly. The first crash occurred in the middle of the job under heavy user load and subsequent crashes were compliments of high cpu and the lack of database stats. We didn't catch it until the second day of fun. Once all of the database stats were put back in place everything was fine. There are also some bugs listed by Oracle that affect with cpu count >= 16 and running multiple copies of the same sql - and that happens frequently with an oltp system too...

So, don't rule out the basics - check for stats and make sure everything is clean.

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On Mon, Nov 9, 2009 at 9:39 AM, Niall Litchfield <<>> wrote: If I understand correctly that's where the error is reported.

Ah yes, there it is, plain as day.

Off for another cup of coffee on this MetaLink-less Monday.

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