Re: Anyone know of an Oracle suitable AMI in eu-west?

From: Martin Bach <>
Date: Mon, 02 Nov 2009 14:14:48 +0000
Message-ID: <>

Hi Jeremiah!

Thanks for your reply. I guess I still am quite a newbee when it comes to AMIs and AWS.

Jeremiah Wilton wrote:
> Why don't you want to use the Oracle AMIs? ASMlib and everything just
> works. If you want 11.2 you can just download it to an EBS volume, and
> snapshot it to S3 when you are not using it.

I was under the impression that they had installed already. But even if that was the case then I should be able to create another installation on top of that...

> These AMIs are ready to
> install 11.2 with no modification:
> ami-087a517c
> oracle-corporation-eu/database-ami/32-bit/oracle_11107_EE_32Bit-image.manifest.xml
> ami-0a7a517e
> oracle-corporation-eu/database-ami/32-bit/oracle_11107_SE_SE1_32Bit-image.manifest.xml
> ami-5e7b502a
> oracle-corporation-eu/database-ami/64-bit/oracle_11107_EE_64Bit-image.manifest.xml
> ami-587b502c
> oracle-corporation-eu/database-ami/64-bit/oracle_11107_SE_SE1_64Bit-image.manifest.xml
> I am really surprised the Rightscale AMIs are not suitable. I use them
> habitually and build out Oracle on them. What AMI IDs are you having
> trouble with? These should work:

I am still getting to grips with the whole thing, and when I terminated the instance I lost all information about the AMI. If I remember correctly that particular AMI claimed to be centos 5.2 64bit but was messed up with multiple kernels, running of an fc8core kernel.

> ami-5084ac24 rightscale-eu/CentOS_5.2_x64_v4.2.4.manifest.xml
> ami-3284ac46 rightscale-eu/CentOS_5.2_i386_v4.2.4.manifest.xml
> If you have any trouble with Oracle on AWS let me know, I have made it
> work acceptably under a variety of configurations.

Thanks a lot, I'll try it now.

> Jeremiah Wilton
> Blue Gecko, Inc.


Martin Bach

OCM 10g
Received on Mon Nov 02 2009 - 08:14:48 CST

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