Re: Anyone know of an Oracle suitable AMI in eu-west?

From: Jeremiah Wilton <>
Date: Fri, 30 Oct 2009 08:06:16 -0700
Message-Id: <>

Why don't you want to use the Oracle AMIs? ASMlib and everything just works. If you want 11.2 you can just download it to an EBS volume, and snapshot it to S3 when you are not using it. These AMIs are ready to install 11.2 with no modification:

ami-087a517c oracle-corporation-eu/database-ami/32-bit/ oracle_11107_EE_32Bit-image.manifest.xml ami-0a7a517e oracle-corporation-eu/database-ami/32-bit/ oracle_11107_SE_SE1_32Bit-image.manifest.xml ami-5e7b502a oracle-corporation-eu/database-ami/64-bit/ oracle_11107_EE_64Bit-image.manifest.xml ami-587b502c oracle-corporation-eu/database-ami/64-bit/ oracle_11107_SE_SE1_64Bit-image.manifest.xml

I am really surprised the Rightscale AMIs are not suitable. I use them habitually and build out Oracle on them. What AMI IDs are you having trouble with? These should work:

ami-5084ac24	rightscale-eu/CentOS_5.2_x64_v4.2.4.manifest.xml
ami-3284ac46	rightscale-eu/CentOS_5.2_i386_v4.2.4.manifest.xml

If you have any trouble with Oracle on AWS let me know, I have made it work acceptably under a variety of configurations.

Jeremiah Wilton
Blue Gecko, Inc.

On Oct 30, 2009, at 5:01 AM, Martin Bach wrote:

> I am trying to get my feet wet with Amazon's EC2 and so far have to
> say I like it. Got a rightscale centos 5.2 up and running, allocated
> 20G of storage and installed 11.2.
> The problem is that the rightscale AMI only claims to be centos 5.2,
> it's actually a fedora core 8 kernel mixed with other centos 5.2
> components. I didn't get amslib or raw devices to work in a
> reasonable amount of time and became frustrated with the number of
> kernels and libraries/modules/header files.
> So-does anyone know of a suitable AMI I could use for Oracle? The
> only requirement is that I can base my own AMI on it and it should
> be centos 5.x/OEL 5.x (non redhat, they are more expensive) It seems
> to be a lot easier to create a custom AMI based on an existing AMIs.
> Oh, and I don't want to use the Oracle AMIs, they don't come with
> 11.2 yet.

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