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From: Sanjay Mishra <>
Date: Wed, 28 Oct 2009 11:14:49 -0700 (PDT)
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Thanks for the detailed information. It look like some old environment and work is coming to do some tuning to improve the performance. So atleast installation might not be required, but your points are helpful in case it is coming to me.


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Sent: Wed, October 28, 2009 1:21:32 PM
Subject: RE: Oracle Hp OpenVMS

    OH DEAR, another headed for the DARK SIDE, well maybe GREY instead of DARK.  OpenVMS is a real different beast from Unix. and yes the commands are really different, painfully so IMHO, and I was a fan of DEC VAX VMS at one time.
    First rub, one oracle account, one ORACLE_HOME.  Forget OFA.  Also forget running the latest versions of Oracle as VMS is near the end of their release list.  As for RAC I believe you'll need an OS account for CRS as well as another for the database.  Not sure how it works beyond that.  Installing software isn't that bad, but VMS does not have an x-term environment so you have to set the display with "$ SET DISPLAY/CREATE/TRANSPORT=TCPIP/NODE=workstation_name or IP_address".  And run an xterm server on your desktop/laptop.
    Once you've got everything installed & used DBCA to set up your database, yes use DBCA  There are a number of OS related things that DBCA does for you so that you can set your environment later.  Things are pretty much like you'd expect in any database, except that VMS is not case sensitive to system.dbf is the same as SYSTEM.DBF and System.DBF, etc....
    You might find the following url very helpful:
    OH, BTW, forget cron.  It's submit with a lot of alphabet soup long qualifiers thereafter and it lands in the DBA$BATCH queue.  And enjoy learning DCL.

Dick Goulet 
Senior Oracle DBA/NA Team Lead 
PAREXEL International 

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Subject: Oracle Hp OpenVMS


I need some advice/suggestion as how Oracle  environment is different in OpenVMS vs Unix environment. I had never worked with OpenVMS and was checked to Tune some RAC on OpenVMS to increase the database performance. Is it going to be big change in the environment or only difference is Commands struncture. If I am right Oracle has different product Oracle Rdb on VMS environment. Is it different from other Oracle RDBMS software. Is there any difference in Oracle RAC on VMS vs Unix environment.


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