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Thanks for the answers, finally we gave up, and moved back to RHEL4. :-( Regards,

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	Hi Istvan,
	I have (32bit) running successfully in a Centos 5.3 vm.
This doesn't entirely match your situation I realize but might help others. I did have some *fun* installing. Things I learned. Others will already know this.          
  1. LD_ASSUME_KERNEL controls which libraries are loaded as per In particular
	2.4.20 and above is new thread model
	2.4.19 is Linux Threads
	2.4.1 is old threads
	Linux Threads is not available in modern kernels at all (like
Centos 5.3) so LD_ASSUME_KERNEL breaks things quite badly there (or rather allows the broken app to show how broken it is).          

        2) The install instructions for RHEL4 don't necessarily work for distros compatible with a higher release.          

        3) when the installer breaks you can tail the log file (in $ORACLE_HOME/install) and find what the linking stage was doing when it broke. This can be very useful.          

        4) I needed a number of compatibility rpms, in particular          

	I didn't however need to move g++ and gcc and softlink to the
old versions.          
	5) 9i dbca doesn't work out of the box. 
	I installed          jre-6u15-linux-i586.rpm to provide SUN java
and then edited the dbca script to reference the new java not use the old non compatible one.          

        6) 9i oui couldn't detect the xml based 11gR2 inventory on the same machine so I've got a somewhat odd inventory setup.          

        7) you probably don't want to run an unsupported rdbms engine on an o/s that wasn't around when the engine was released .          



        2009/10/22 Toth, Istvan 5 (GE Capital) <>         

                Thanks for the answer. Settings are (from <> ):                 


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		Can you please check that your ld_library_path is set


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                Hello list,                 

                This combination (RHEL5 x86-64 and Oracle is not oracle certified but i have to install for test purposes. The installer hangs when tries to link 'naeet.o'. I found a metalink note (360142.1) with the same situation - but it's about Linux x86, my server is 64bit - and it says that have to set LD_ASSUME_KERNEL parameter. Another note says (377217.1) that the recommended settings for RHEL5 is "should not be set". So what?

                Anyway, I tried to run the installer with LD_ASSUME_KERNEL=2.4.19 and 2.4.21 and 2.6.9 and without any setting, but I get the same hang at 'naeet.o'.

                Anybody with any experience with this?                 


	Niall Litchfield
	Oracle DBA

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