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Also, bear in mind that up2date will update you to the latest patch set of OEL4, but not upgrade it to OEL5. That's a separate process that can't be done through up2date.


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okay, I'll bite, what version are you up to?  

are you sure there is a later release?  

Is it telling you to update up2date? Some of the latest stuff doesn't update correctly unless you have the latest version of up2date running. At the moment I can't remember what you do differently to update up2date, but if I recall correctly it is NOT simply running the existing up2date.  

Good luck. I wish I had better information for you. If I recall correctly I had one of those "doh" moments where you realize the meaning of some tortured english as a fifth language.  


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Hi all,

Well, I am new to Linux. Trying to upgrade our current OEL 4 to the latest release. Opened an SR with Oracle Support where I was advised to run up2date.

Configured, ran it till it said that no more packages required. Rebooted the server. Checked Linux version and . it still shows the same version.

Conveyed that to support person, who told me that he wants to close the case unless I have other issues than running up2date.  

  1. What do I need to do to update to the latest version?
  2. Don't you think that this should be covered by Oracle support since we're paying for it?


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