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Strange. We have the EVA 8100 series here and performance is grand compared to the MSA 1000s we migrated off of.

Our databases total around 1 TB, but that TB is made up of several db's, so our volume sounds quite a bit less than yours.

I know we have approximately 130 disks in the array and we create disk groups across ALL disks in the array and we're using VRAID-5 (supposedly better than typical RAID-5) and saves on storage space opposed to RAID-10.

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Hi listers,

I was wondering what your experience with the EVA 8100 was.

The background: I migrated a 2 node 32bit system to (a lot) more powerful hardware with plenty more of everything. Now the bottleneck shifted, from db server to storage which I anticipated.

Example: the backup to SAN storage using 2 channels (1.5T database + a few hundred gb of archived logs) always took around 6 hours on the old hardware but it seems the same script completely saturates the writeback cache of the array. Apparently there have been 250 busy commands in a period of 10 minutes. I don't think that a 2 channel backup should do this.

On top of that it seems that there isn't an awful lot of tuneables on the array but that could be my lack of understanding of the thing.

So how do you like the array?



Martin Bach
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