RE: Patch to 10.2.04 on AIX

From: John Dunn <>
Date: Thu, 22 Oct 2009 10:58:23 +0100
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OK thanks

I have to upgrade the software and then upgrade the database. Is that correct?

Can anyone point me at the URL for the Upgrade Guide for upgradeing the database from to 10.2.04  

John Dunn  

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Hi John,

John Dunn wrote:
> Is it feasible to patCh 10.2.01. directly to 10.2.04.

The patch set readme states in section "7 System Requirements" that the Oracle Home has to be or higher so: yes, it's possible. I am migrating to on Linux this weekend and we installed and patched it to There is a patch set update out which-depending on your setup-you might be interested in (patch 8833280)

Does that help?

> Anyone done this?

Me, but I assume it's standard practice for everyone (I have actually worked in a place where they applied, and then

Martin Bach
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