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Thank you for your answers.  

I do not run RAC. None of my databases use the default port 1521. None of my databases have LOCAL_LISTENER set.  

Gleaning through the responses seems to support either not setting it at all, or using the spfile if you do.  

Other than RAC responses, I did not receive reasons to set.. I ran across this when I created an 11g database with the dbca (the runInstaller) and the database would not start... (not right away but after I changed a few things).

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Do all of you have a preference for putting LOCAL_LISTENER in the tnsnames.ora file, or do you set the spfile? (alter system and remove it from tnsnames).  

Do you use and set LOCAL_LISTENER at all?  

Preferences? Why? It seems to add just one more detail to starting, recovery, so forth.  

I will be off now until Wednesday (as to any lack of back and forth by me).  

Thank you

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