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Date: Wed, 21 Oct 2009 11:19:12 -0700 (PDT)
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Thanks Justin for your comments

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That does not sound realisitic.
A backup taken on a Solaris machine cannot be restored to a Linux server in 10g.  Neither can a backup taken from an AIX machine be restored to a Linux server in 10g.  Starting in 11.1, cross-platform transportable database functionality might allow you to do this, but that would only be on the full backup and restore, not on the incremental.  You may be able to use transportable tablespaces in 10g to do the initial copy as well.
Streams or Oracle Golden Gate would seem like a far more realistic option if you need to create a reporting replica in a different geographic region.  This would not (without some potentially significant work) allow you to fail over to the replica, but I am hoping that is not your intention at this point.
Justin Cave
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Thank s for the information on the Streams. Actually the reason for Datguard or other setup is to move the part of the Database to another Geographical location. There is not big bandwidth available available between two location and so cannot take the backup and copy it to other location and make the cutover as Database is around 500G. There is not much changes on the Primary Site. 
Can I get an update if this process is feasible for the above scenarios
1. Take the Database level 0 backup on Solaris/Aix - There are two environment which need to be moved where one is AIX and other Solaris. Target is Linux
2. Take the Increamental and copy it to target location. On the final date, Step 1 Level 0 backup will be restored and incremental one will be applied
Issue is that if I can continue two backup on the Production like one Full going daily and another above incremental. Is it possible to be done both recorded in Controlfile or we need to change the backup process to one of them only.


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Interesting note, although the options seems to be limited
I thought that the platform always had to be the same.

Learned something new again today  :)


Freek D'Hooge
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I believe Metalink Doc ID 413484.1 Data Guard Support for Heterogeneous Primary and Standby Systems in the Same Data Guard Configuration is the canonical reference for what configurations are allowed depending on the Oracle version.

Unfortunately, an AIX primary is only compatible with an AIX standby.  On the other hand, a Linux x86 box can have a Windows standby database.

Justin Cave
Distributed Database Consulting, Inc.


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