RE: RAC on Linux moving OCR and Voting disk to another SAN

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Date: Wed, 21 Oct 2009 11:42:50 -0400
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Having not done this yet personally and having only read about it, take this with a grain of salt and of course read the manuals. My thoughts would trend toward adding new OCR and voting disks in the desired locations and then later removing the ones to be removed. I believe that without adding "mirrors" (which I wish they called plexes or image copies, because hey, they are really not backward images) you have to have an outage to move them.

I believe the commands you want are ocrconfig and crsctl.

I think I've seen the details in K Gopalalakrishnan's book on RAC, and in the Julian Dyke/Steve Shaw book as well if you need something more succinct and clear than the manuals.

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Subject: RAC on Linux moving OCR and Voting disk to another SAN

We are implementing a more powerful SAN array, and need to move a 10g RAC cluster to this new storage. We know how to move the ASM storage without any downtime. However, we cannot figure out if it is possible to move the OCR and Voting disk with no downtime. Does anybody have any suggestions ?

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