RE: Patch to 10.2.04 on AIX

From: John Dunn <>
Date: Wed, 21 Oct 2009 16:21:56 +0100
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OK, thanks guys  

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Hi John,

John Dunn wrote:
> Is it feasible to patCh 10.2.01. directly to 10.2.04.

The patch set readme states in section "7 System Requirements" that the Oracle Home has to be or higher so: yes, it's possible. I am migrating to on Linux this weekend and we installed and patched it to There is a patch set update out which-depending on your setup-you might be interested in (patch 8833280)

Does that help?

> Anyone done this?

Me, but I assume it's standard practice for everyone (I have actually worked in a place where they applied, and then

Martin Bach
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