Re: Not to use SCAN in 11gR2 RAC

From: Robert Bialek <>
Date: Sun, 18 Oct 2009 17:13:53 +0200
Message-ID: <>

Yes, SCAN is mandatory during software installation and optional afterward. If you DO NOT plan to
use it AND not like to create A records in DNS for the installation simply create the scan name with
one IP in /etc/hosts on every node in your cluster. The installation will work, but CLUVFY run
automatically by OUI at the end of installation will complain !!

SCAN is very useful for "dynamic" grids. If you like to use the "old" method:

  1. Do not use the SCAN at your clients, leaving the resources running


2. Stop and disable the SCAN VIP(s) and Listener(s):

srvctl stop scan_listener
srvctl stop scan
sudo srvctl disable scan
srvctl disable scan_listener

If you decide later to use SCAN you can easily activate it or recreate / change the amount of SCAN VIPs and Listeners.


Yong Huang wrote:
> Can anybody think of any risk or loss of benefit we haven't thought of? Is there any way to completely bypass it, not even bothering our DNS admin to create an entry (one or three A records)? If not during installation, can I stop the SCAN listener and shutdown its network interface (if I can) and remove it from OCR?

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