RE: major blunders

From: Steve McClure <>
Date: Sat, 17 Oct 2009 00:11:41 -0700
Message-ID: <>

I saw this message earlier this week, and needed to reply. A long time ago, in a work place far and away now closed. I inherited a handful of databases, and a UNIX cluster from someone who you all are very familiar with.

A few weeks into my first stint as a DBA and UNIX admin, I was confident that all I had to do was [ESC-K] twice with vi style command line editor, and repeat that command I needed. Well I had forgotten about some minor cleanup I had done in the mean time. Two lines up in my history held 'rm *'

Now the lines preceding that terrible string held all of my pre-delete precautions...pwd, ls *, pwd, ..I was probably too new to use find. All in all I was very careful about that command, and it showed. However this time I didn't have a chance to be careful. Well at least that was what I feared as my finger depressed the enter key, while I looked on, now with increased blood pressure. Then miracle of miracles...I saw a prompt "Are you sure? Y/N"

After taking several second to make sure I answered that question correctly, I said a silent thank you to everyone's favorite Perl evangelist.

So Thanks again Jared. Not only for teaching me about the "touch -i" trick, but for all of those flags you left behind.

Steve McClure

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