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Hi Paul,

In this case it was exactly as Yong described; several columns were added to the table on which the synonym pointed to.

  • Chris

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Subject: RE: Weird read-only error Solaris 10,

What kind of change was made to the object to which the synonym refers?

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Subject: Re: Weird read-only error Solaris 10,

> We have a daily clone that we open in read-only mode. User reports
> following error:
> select * from t_sap_cd
> ORA-00604: error occurred at recursive SQL level 1
> ORA-16000: database open for read-only access

With some private emails, Chris told me what happened and I think it's interesting to everybody. The database is open read only. But the status

of the synonym is still invalid (beginning with 10g, a synonym can become
invalid), due to an earlier specification change of the object the synonym
points at. When you later use the synonym, as in select * from this_synonym or even desc this_synonym, the status must be changed to valid because the translated object perfectly exists. But because the database is read only, its status in the system tablespace is frozen, hence the error.

If I were at it, I would probably alter session to enable SQL trace (not

set autotrace on) and systematically troubleshoot the issue, unless I already thought of it. The trace file should have "err=16000" in it.

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