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Date: Tue, 6 Oct 2009 11:59:50 -0400
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Are you sure about the statement that exp goes away with 11g?  

I've got a couple of 11g installations ( in Itanium based HP-UX) and they all have 'exp'.  

I've not installed any 11.2 systems yet.  

Does exp go away with 11.2?

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>> Oracle STILL PROVIDES regular export. <<  

Not with 11g. Only imp is provided to allow loading old exp dmp files into the database. The exp utility is now history though I am sure a lot of sites running 10g and lower will still be using exp for a few more years.  

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	Actually, Oracle STILL PROVIDES regular export. So if you want to compress an export, you can use the regular export.
	If you have the space and time is an issue, then you have dp... 
	I don't think Oracle is an evil corporation that did this on purpose, I do think that oracle is a business and as such tries to make many any way it can.
	Anyway, I hate working with compressed export files, so I am happy that it can no longer be done with dp ^_^
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		True.  And I think it's reprehensible for Oracle Corp to take this
		functionality away when moving from exp to dp, and then turn around and
		charge extra for it in the next version.  But I digress...
		One alternative may be to use a filesystem's internal compression, perhaps
		JFS or ZFS.  For example, creating a new volume specifically for datapump
		exports, initializing it with a compression-enabled filessystem, and using
		that to store datapump exports.
		I haven't tried this.  It's just a thought...

> The compression option in 11.1 (and 2) allows for compression of data pump
> exports, but it costs $$ or €€ ...
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