Re: Disallow access to column of a table

From: chet justice <>
Date: Mon, 5 Oct 2009 17:14:09 -0400
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I concur with the others.

At my previous gig (11gR1), we used column level access control that was...controlled by a given role. The column in question was a SSN and worked like a charm. Implementation was fairly easy, but beware of the applications that may need the SSN for various logic. We found that we were using the last 4 digits to (aid) do customer lookups. Just a little gotcha that was taken care of relatively quickly, just something to be aware of.


chet justice


On Mon, Oct 5, 2009 at 3:35 PM, Jeffrey Beckstrom <>wrote:

> We have a requirement to disallow access to a few columns of a table.
> Any suggestions on how to do this? I was thinking of Virtual Private
> Database but that would exclude the entire row.
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