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Following url outlines the conditions under which you can use oracle clusterware without having to buy rac licences: Note that you only need to meet one of these conditions.

ASM is only required when clustering an oracle db in an active/active configuration (rac) with oracle standard edition.

Also, if the second node in your cluster is normally not running an oracle db, then you only need to license oracle on one node. The same rules apply as with other active/passive clusters involving an oracle db.


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Since we purchased a Standard Edition to place onto 2 x 4-core CPU (2 sockets, then) and our DBs are single-instance, I believe Clusterware is usable without overprice and without ASM; am I wrong?


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>On Fri, Oct 2, 2009 at 2:37 PM, Thomas Roach <> wrote:
>> I might be mistaken but isn't RAC included in Standard Edition licensing?
>> Based on this, RAC isn't an extra option you can purchase in EE.
>RAC is an option in EE that cost $23k US per processor.
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