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From: Alessandro Vercelli <>
Date: Wed, 30 Sep 2009 11:06:39 +0100
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Hello everybody,

I'm building my first Clusterware couple of nodes (RHEL 5.3, Clusterware 11gR1, OCFS2 on ISCSI) with 2 Oracle 11gR1 databases (_single instance_); one db for each node, with failover on the other one.

My aim is to create a resource group for each DB (vip + listener + db service) with dependance so that i can start/stop/relocate the whole resource group; I used an Oracle WhitePaper ( as brief reference.

Here my experiments (with crs commands):

  1. When I installed (with OUI) Clusterware, it created automatically a couple of VIPs, one for each node. These are nodeapps, so I cannot modify them to be dependant from a main resource group; so I left these vips and created a resource group listener+db with dependance on vip, so i relocate the vip and the resource group follows.
  2. To override the vip situation, I deleted nodeapps on both nodes and created a resource group with vip(usrvip)+listener+db; now I manage these 3 resources with correct start/stop order, using a single resource group name.

After I found some links that tell to use srvctl for Oracle databases but it to me seems this tool is for clustered databases, maybe not single instance?

Are there any suggestions for this implementation?

Many thanks,


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