Re: Any good papers on raid 10 setup for oracle?

From: Cary Millsap <>
Date: Fri, 25 Sep 2009 11:29:27 -0500
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The paper at not last thing you should read, but I believe it will help you if you read it. Section 3.3 addresses your question head-on.

Cary Millsap
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On Fri, Sep 25, 2009 at 11:17 AM, Rich Jesse <> wrote:

> > We are going to be testing some raid 10 and our SAN Admin set the stripe
> > size to 512 bytes. From what I have read in the past, I was thinking
> Oracle
> > would do better off closer to a stripe size of
> > <db_block_size>*multibock_read_count, however it has been awhile since I
> > looked into it. I know it always depends, but the 512 bytes doesn't sound
> > correct to me
> We went through this not too long ago. The answer is, as usual, "it
> depends". It's best for you and your team to experiment with different
> values to see which is "best". Keep in mind Oracle's specific IO patterns,
> e.g. indexed reads versus full table scans for reading and DBWR versus
> redos
> on the writing.
> There are tools like Orion to help evaluate IO. They are a great start to
> eliminate some configurations, but I found generating my own SQL gave me
> more realistic expectations.
> If I sound like I'm being somewhat vague and generic, it's because I am!
> This is a HUGE topic that will require you and your team to do their
> homework. Like another poster mentioned, involve your vendors! You'll
> hopefully find that they are interested in helping you, if only to prevent
> some hollering later on... :)
> One final note -- even though I view myself as a BAARF-type, I was not able
> to justify the expense of RAID-10 over RAID-5 for our little IBM DS5300 SAN
> with reasonably beefy POWER6 hardware pushing it, taking into account
> performance, reliability, and of course cost. Waaay too brief, I know, but
> my point is to thoroughly investigate all of your options.
> GL!
> Rich
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