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Date: Tue, 22 Sep 2009 10:32:40 -0400
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Aw Bill, I remember building my own Apple][ for a motherboard, that was fun. Also helped that fella invent the handheld notcher for your floppies. That was real fun, ruined a lot of floppies before we got it right. OH yes I remember the old Osborne as well. The USAF used them to help aircrews flight plan. Problem was that they forgot about the printers. Can't remember how many LPT cords I created. Them was the fun days, with Bulletin boards instead of the internet. Viruses and other bugs had a harder time getting around then, but I think I prefer the current better. For one thing it's easier to read things today instead of only 40 characters at a time.  

Dick Goulet
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You young whipper-snappers!  

By cracky, I remember having to start on an old Osborne 1 'sewing machine' computer. Z-80 (8 bit) processor, 16kb of RAM, 62 column screen (had to scroll the screen to read a whole line), and 72KB single-sided floppies.  

I was in heaven when some bright, enterprising soul discovered that we could simply flip the floppies over cut a new read-write notch on the other side and cut my floppy consumption in half!  


  • Bill Ferguson

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        I had 2 of those, never ran oracle on them though, ran dos and coherent(old flavor of unix that would run on a 80286). Had the math co-processor, 80287, made spreadsheet run quicker :)         


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