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From: Michael Moore <>
Date: Mon, 21 Sep 2009 09:39:31 -0700
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Thanks Bill,
I'll check out that IOUG Magazine you referred to. Regards,

On Mon, Sep 21, 2009 at 7:37 AM, Bill Ferguson <> wrote:

> Hi Michael,
> I use it for searching, and performance is fantastic! Once the indexes
> are created, there really isn't much to do in the way of tuning. The
> query syntax is a bit different, but it wasn't to difficult to figure
> out.
> You may have seen a similar of mine before, but I have a bunch of
> tables and the users want to be ab able to search any field in any
> table. So, after geeting really stuck trying to develop an easy to use
> search screen, I decided to instead create an XML-like field (in a new
> table), with all of the data from every table for each 'master' record
> tagged, XML-style.
> I then created the indexes, etc., and what used to take 30 minutes or
> more for a search dropped down to around 2-3 minutes max (many in just
> a matter of seconds). My XML-like table (a table with the 'master'
> record id and a CLOB field), is around 12 GB. I have triggers on all
> of my tables, so when data is changed anywhere, it fires off a
> procedure to regenerate the XML data for that record. There is a small
> performance penalty there, as if a user re-orders the records in a
> chaild table, then the procedure fires on each row, but it's
> acceptable to the users for the increased search capability.
> I can easily allow the users to search specific tables/fields for
> specific data, or they simply do a "keyword search", and find all
> records with their 'word' anywhere in any of the tables.
> One of the latest IOUG magazines has the details. Any questions, let
> me know. The hardest part was getting the initial search table
> populated.
> --
> -- Bill Ferguson

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