RE: FIXED: any junk password works for sys / NEW QUESTION: grid control: connection refused error

From: D'Hooge Freek <>
Date: Fri, 18 Sep 2009 16:59:23 +0200
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When you are working directly on the database server (and you are part of the dba os group), then oracle allows sysdba's to be authenticated via the OS. Strangly enough, in such cases oracle does not check the password if you provide one (it gets ignored). When you sett the sqlnet.authentication_services to none, you disable the authentication via the os and thus oracle checks the password again.


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Subject: Re: FIXED: any junk password works for sys / NEW QUESTION: grid control: connection refused error

Hi All,
Thanks for the replies. Adding the sqlnet.ora file with SQLNET.AUTHENTICATION_SERVICES = (NONE) fixed the junk password issue. Would appreciate if Bala could explain me why junk password was allowed earlier and after adding sqlnet.ora with SQLNET.AUTHENTICATION_SERVICES = (NONE) made the trick.

Also I did not know that SYSMAN is the default user for managing grid control. Hence I was using sys user to logon. There was no specific reason for using sys user.

NEW QUESTION: grid control:

I tried to configure the agent on remote host to manage it with grid control. No errors reported during installation. Remote host resides on virtualbox. The remote host has 2 databases(SID: orams and catdb). The remote host is discovered by the grid control. It shows up on the targets page. Do I have to manually add the host/databases to the grid or are they automatically added to the grid? On the databases link, I can see orams and catdb. As of now catdb is down and orams is up. But both databases show as Metric collection error. orams should be indicated as up. When I try to startup/shutdown with the hostusername/password and database username/password, I get connection refused error.

Also emctl status agent reports agent as not running but emctl start agent reports it as running. ps -ef | grep -i emagent report 2 emagent related processes.

emctl stop agent
Agent is Not Running

emctl start agent
Agent is already running

emctl status agent
Agent is Not Running

Any help is greatly appreciated. Thanks a ton.
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