Firebird DB - What Does Anyone Know?

From: Scott Canaan <>
Date: Tue, 15 Sep 2009 11:40:36 -0400
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   One of our departments is looking at a product that uses a Firebird database. I've done some online research and found out that it is an open source database. I've brought this up with the vendor, stating that since its open source it's easy for hackers to get a copy to play with. Their response was to challenge me to break into their system and database, which I thought was an interesting response. It was the only technical question thrown at them that they got visibly angry about.

   My question is: Is anyone familiar with this database and how secure it is? If so, does it support any kind of encryption? I've not been able to find anything about encryption, either the data itself or network, on this product.

   In the end, if the department purchases this package, we won't be supporting the database, but I'm trying to do my due diligence in advising them of any issues, particularly security issues, that I can find.  

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