question about rman-delete input and standby databases.

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Date: Fri, 11 Sep 2009 07:58:50 -0400
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Ok so I'm thinking Oracle should be smart enough to handle this but looking for other's experiences.

For all intents and purposes the version shouldn't matter but it will be 11g on linux.

Primary database p1 and standby s1.

P1 is in shipping archivelog mode, max performance, so no shutdown of primary in event standby has issues.

Scenario: P1 is shipping logs but S1 server runs out of space for the archive logs to be shipped. There is now 4 hours of logs on P1 server that has not shipped to S1 server. P1 runs rman backup archivelog delete input for anything > 2 hours old and does a delete input. Since 2 hours worth of logs have not been shipped to S1 server, is Oracle/RMAN smart enough to NOT delete them and throw an error, or does it delete them from P1 server?

I have to test this but was wondering if anyone knew the answer.

thanks, joe

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