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Date: Thu, 10 Sep 2009 13:08:02 -0400
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I would not consider those slow- maybe medium speed perhaps. Certainly slower than 15k and 18k disks but not slow. It also depends on the connection method (SAN, FC, Scsi etc.) and cache.

In my experience, the OCR is not hit that hard, and its usually pretty small. Perhaps 150mb is the biggest I have seen. The voting disk is even smaller; I have not looked at I/O rates on the voting disk but they seem lightweight based on a brief look.

If your trying to put these on a slower device while reserving faster devices for data, I think this is a good tradeoff. I might be able to get some performance data to firm up my opinion.

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Is it advisable to put the ocr and voting disks on slow disks - 10,000 RPM fiber channel disks? What is the ramifications in doing this? Has anyone placed the ocr and voting disk on this speed disk and have you encounterd any node eviction problems with this configuration?

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