Re: Oracle to SQL Server

From: Amar Kumar Padhi <>
Date: Thu, 10 Sep 2009 10:57:17 +0400 (GST)
Message-ID: <13959262.22861252565422378.JavaMail.seven_at_aomfe1p1>

I recently finalized a solution using hsodbc+unixodbc+freetds (ora 9i on solaris 9/10) . Took me some time to figure out but once set it is quite stable. I will put a note on this on my site soon.

The prime concern I had was that some of the queries returned wrong results. It is probably that the syntax is getting misinterpreted and sending back wrong set of data, rather than error. Sticking to standard iso sql works fine. I will be trying this out for some more time.

Amar Kumar Padhi

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