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When I tested HS (Oracle to DB2), we needed good drivers. In stepped Data Direct, which proved to be a not so insignificant extra cost item for what we wanted to get out of it.  

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Of course - the heterogenous services is even simpler to set up than the Gateway for ODBC. You just need to find ODBC Drivers for your platform.

I used the Transparent Gateway for ODBC recently because the client didn't want to install any extra software to a database server (db servers are for DBs only, right) so we used a gateway on an app server for that.


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AFAIK it is free.

HS has always been free in the past. Gateway Service is different and is not free.

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All this fun talk about ORA<->SS -- anyone have links pointing to licensing requirements for HS?

The closest I can find is mention of "Generic Connectivity" in the Oracle Database 10g Product Family white paper.





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