Re: RAMSAN Experience

From: Jakub Wartak <>
Date: Wed, 9 Sep 2009 20:17:23 +0200
Message-Id: <>

Dnia środa, 9 września 2009 17:29, Rob Dempsey napisał:

> We use EMC storage however the latest idea is to use RAMSAM for the
> temporary files. I always thought it might be a good idea for the redo logs
> but I am not sure about the TEMP files.
> Like I said we have a number of constraints, but any help would be welcome.


You raw need numbers. Enable SAR statistics collection for this LUN/fs with only temporary datafiles. Let it run for min 3 days with 5 minute resolution to collect data. Then you could grep SAR output for exact LUN/fs for these 3 days (using -f switch) and you would end up with data something like reads/s, writes/s, Kbs/s, avwait and avserv. Based on that values then you would decide what to do next...

Also you can look at this data in real-time: iostat -x is your friend.

How big is your PGA and SGA? What does PGA advisor tells you? What is your OS platform?

Jakub Wartak
Received on Wed Sep 09 2009 - 13:17:23 CDT

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