RAC in Active/Passive mode (or disabled)

From: LS Cheng <exriscer_at_gmail.com>
Date: Mon, 7 Sep 2009 13:04:38 +0200
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Hi all

We are running a 4 nodes RAC on Sun Solaris 10, each node with 16 quadcore CPU and 512GB memory. There are 12 database in this Cluster.

We have observed that some instances are running with low activity and some needs more horsepower when batch processes kick in. Basically in some nodes we are wasting resources which can be used for other instances.

The way we have configured the databases are setting same SGA in all nodes so in those idle instances memory is wasted.

We are considering reorganize the memory distributions and databases/instances distribution. For example for database APP1 just configure two active instances and two passive, for the heavy OLTP system all 4 nodes etc.

I have been considering disabling the instance startup for the passive nodes. What is the the better method, reconfigure the database in two nodes only by using dbca or disabling the instance startup? (srvctl disable instance)



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