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Date: Wed, 2 Sep 2009 17:54:13 -0500
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Kyle, Tanel Poder had a session at Hotsos in '06 that showed how you could see what autotrace was doing:

oradebug setmypid
oradebug event 10046 trace name context forever, level 4; set autotrace on

I tried the above and got:

select /*+ opt_param('parallel_execution_enabled',                                    'false') EXEC_FROM_DBMS_XPLAN */ * from PLAN_TABLE where 1=0

SELECT /*+ opt_param('parallel_execution_enabled', 'false') */                          /* EXEC_FROM_DBMS_XPLAN */ id, position, level - 1 depth, operation, options, object_name, cardinality, bytes, temp_space, cost, io_ cost, cpu_cost , null , partition_start, partition_stop, object_node, other_tag, distribution, NULL, access_predicates, filter_predicates , other, null, null , remarks, null, null, null, null, null, null, null,

                            null, null, null, null, null,
                            null, null, null, null from PLAN_TABLE start  with id = 0
                        and  timestamp >=
                                (select max(timestamp)
                                 from PLAN_TABLE where id=0  and statement_id = :stmt_id and  nvl(statement_id, ' ')
                                                     not like 'SYS_LE%')
                                   and  nvl(statement_id, ' ')
                                                     not like 'SYS_LE%' and statement_id = :stmt_id connect by (prior id = parent_id
                                  and prior nvl(statement_id, ' ') =
                                            nvl(statement_id, ' ')
                                  and prior timestamp <= timestamp)
                                  or (prior nvl(object_name, ' ')
                                                     like 'SYS_LE%'
                                  and  prior nvl(object_name, ' ') =
                                             nvl(statement_id, ' ')
                                  and id = 0 and prior timestamp <= timestamp)
                      order siblings by id

Assuming I've read the tracefile correctly, autotrace is using a form of DBMS_XPLAN, not getting the "live" plan as you hoped.

Of course I'm sure Tanel has a way of changing this, as in that session I remember he showed how you could "adjust" autotrace to display different default statistics. ☺

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From: [] On Behalf Of kyle Hailey Sent: Tuesday, September 01, 2009 12:58 PM To: ORACLE-L
Subject: autotrace and live plan

Does autotrace ever show the live plan, ie the plan from v$sql_plan? I traced autotrace on 9iR2 and 10gR2 and in both cases they use "explain plan" to generate the explain plan. I guess that fine since theoretically within my same session the calculated execution plan, ie "explain plan", would have to be the same as the  actual executed plan, but with v$sql_plan in place, I somehow find it disconcerting that the plan isn't extracted from v$sql_plan.


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