Re: Do APEX-installed packages include business logic?

From: chet justice <>
Date: Fri, 28 Aug 2009 16:28:16 -0400
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You should not have to go through that much trouble (yikes) with APEX.

For each application, there is a report that allows you to compute all the database object dependencies. That report allows you to easily identify where a certain package call.

I have no experience with Designer, so I can't really compare...APEX is PL/SQL based. Errors thrown at the application level (if not caught by a developer's WHEN OTHERS) will bubble to the interface (web page).

I've typically used APEX as a presentation layer only, in other words, calling existing procedures/functions. You can however create things like multi-record table INSERTs using the tool (it was originally marketing as a Microsoft Access killer), but I've found that it's pretty easy to dig through. The "application" is just a SQL file that can be (if necessary) run from SQL*Plus, though it's typically loaded through the interface.

It's a very powerful and robust tool.

Hope this helps.


chet justice

On Fri, Aug 28, 2009 at 3:41 PM, Yong Huang <> wrote:

> One of our clients is interested in using Oracle Application Express on
> our database. We haven't installed it. There's a concern in our
> DBA team that the APEX installed packages could include business logic,
> much like Oracle Designer does. Our Designer application was written
> many years ago and nobody here knows that tool. When the app fails, DBAs
> have to inject utl_file.put_line in many places in the spaghetti code,
> starting from the package whose name is visible in the user's browser
> URL. In the past few years, we always succeeded in narrowing down to
> the exact package and line that broke, but it's a laborious process.
> Does APEX install packages that have site-specific procedures and logic
> as Designer does?
> Yong Huang
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