Re: GATHER_STATS_JOB behavior changed between 10g and 11g

From: Yong Huang <>
Date: Thu, 27 Aug 2009 14:03:22 -0700 (PDT)
Message-ID: <>

> Reading MetaLink about this issue, I would say the answer is "no", a
> couple of bugs have been logged around this and the one specifically
> regarding the automatic job (5411956) is labelled "Not Feasible to
> fix, to Filer"!

Chen and Pete,

According to Bug 7140600, the error ORA-54 is due to contention on JI lock. How about you disable the auto stats job and schedule that through OS, as a UNIX cron job or Windows scheduled task?

BTW, Bug 5411956 says the problem started in 10gR2. But Chen's problem did not exist in and started in 11g. But Bug 8407017 clearly says "Reproduced ORA-54 on". So Chen might just be lucky in 10g.

Yong Huang       

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