RE: killing oracle processes

From: John Hallas <>
Date: Tue, 18 Aug 2009 10:22:29 +0100
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That is a valid point. However we do give permission out to selected developers on dev boxes

Details are

To create the stored procedure logon as a sysdba through sqlplus and:- Explicitly Grant the required rights to system grant alter system to system;
grant select on sys.v_$session to system; Create the procedure
create or replace procedure system.killsession (killsid IN VARCHAR2) as
killserial varchar2(20);
select serial#
into killserial
from sys.v_$session
where sid = killsid
and username = 'XXXX';

execute immediate 'alter system kill session ''' || to_char (killsid) || ', ' || to_char (killserial) || '''' ;

dbms_output.put_line('The SID ' || killsid || ' does not exist or cannot be killed');

end ;

Grant execute on procedure to user
Top of Form
Bottom of Form
For example, sysopr15 needs access to kill sessions so you would type the following:- grant execute on system.killsession to userxxx;

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Do you have a good way to make sure a developer running as Oracle account XYZ has permission to kill that session (logical ownership) rather than accidentally killing one of his or her co-workers critical processes? Folks need to be patient and realize there is a reason you don't just give everyone DBA access...

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