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From: sundar mahadevan <sundarmahadevan82_at_gmail.com>
Date: Mon, 17 Aug 2009 16:12:01 -0400
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Hi Gurus,
I'm trying to upgrade my test 2 node RAC presently on to . I can only upgrade it to 10.1 because my test servers only have 512 MB RAM. These are just fine for my home environment and AFAIK 512 MB RAM is good for 10.1. The 9i RAC setup was as follows: I had oracle 9i binaries on /opt/oracle/product/9.2.0 (on both host 1 and 2) and the datafiles on shared disk on /var/opt/oracle. I 'm a little confused as if this is a similar setup in 10.1 as well. I did not find any upgrade documents from 9i to 10.1 but was able to find for 9i to 10.2 Do you think I can follow the 9i to 10.2 RAC upgrade doc. The first thing in this upgrade is to setup CRS. I invoked the crs runinstaller and it asked me for home. I entered the 10.1 CRS home on shared disk(/u01/app/oracle/product/crs) but it gives me an error saying: oracle cluster registry can only exist as a shared system file or as a shared raw partition. Any ideas? Please help. Thanks in advance.
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