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From: Lyall Barbour <>
Date: Mon, 17 Aug 2009 10:50:57 -0500
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worry about?  ya.  _IF_ your company/director gave developers that ability (even if it wasn't in Prod), what would they want next?  Sounds like opening a can of security-destroying worms.  can't they just fix their reports?  or find out what the problem is on the application/database/network side that makes these things hang, where processes need to be killed? just my 2 centsLyall
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Hi All,


I had a quick question that I was hoping the list could help me out with.  We have a group of developers who are requesting the ability to kill their own processes in the database (PRD/DEV/TST).  For example, if a poorly written report gets kicked off, one of their jobs chooses a poor execution plan, or an OWB process gets left out there.  The only reason they can really offer is that they do not have to wait for the DBA team to respond.  I am trying to think of technical reasons why this would not work.


I can write a script to limit the process to be killed to their stuff, but something about this still makes me feel uneasy.  Is there anything that I should worry about? 


Any thoughts?        



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