oracle 10gr2 - suncluster QFS

From: Ujang Jaenudin <>
Date: Mon, 17 Aug 2009 21:08:07 +0700
Message-ID: <>

dear all,

the configuration was, everything on QFS for all datafiles, redolog files, controlfiles, ocr, voting disk.... ( is it proper config?)

now got problem that 2nd node cannot up.

from sam-sharefsd file, got this always keep logging:

FS MEA_mirrlogB1: Config changed: diff=100000, flags=18889, oflags=18889 QFS

from sam-fsd file, got this repeating (in node1): Signaled sam-sharefsd[3964](MEA_mirrlogB1): Hangup sam-fsd[2897:1]: mount(MEA_mirrlogB1)

any clue/idea ?


thanks and regards
ujang | oracle dba | mysql dba
jakarta - indonesia

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