Re: move 9i r2 database on host 1 to 10g r1 on another host

From: Harel Safra <>
Date: Wed, 12 Aug 2009 00:05:19 +0300
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The documentation says you can:

"It is always possible to transport a tablespace from a database running an older release of Oracle (starting with Oracle8i) to a database running a newer release of Oracle (for example, Oracle9i)."


Table 8-1 Minimum Compatibility Requirements

Transport Scenario Minimum Compatibility Setting
Source Database Target Database

Databases on the same platform



Harel Safra

Michael Fontana wrote:
I do not believe you can plug in a 9i datafile into a 10g database using transportable tablespace.  

However, you can copy all of the datafiles from a 9i database which is down, and then "open upgrade" with the 10g binaries, assuming all infrastructure details are consistent (OS, endian, etc).....

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Let me add another option: 

If the servers are running the same OS on the same architecture you should be able to create a new DB on host 2 and then use transportable tablespace to copy the datafiles to host 2 and plug them in the new DB. 

You get the advantages of a new, clean DB but the copying the datafiles should be faster than exp+imp. 

Harel Safra 

sundar mahadevan wrote: 

Hi Martin, 
I read through the link that you provided. Personally, i woud prefer DBUA to do the upgrade. To my understanding, DBUA requires the database to up. In my case, there are no 9i binaries on Host 2. Host 1 is completely 9i and Host 2 is completely 10gr1. So I cannot bring the 9i database up on 10gr1. 
In this scenario, I believe the options I have are: 
1) to install 10gr1 software on Host 1 and do the upgrade with DBUA and then copy all the datafiles to Host2 later and startup the database. 
2) Create a database on host 2 and use export/import from host1 (9i). Whats your say? 

On Mon, Aug 10, 2009 at 12:53 PM, Martin Berger < > wrote: 

Hi Sundar, 

you are correct. shutdown the DB, copy all datafiles, controlfiles, 
redologs to the same path in the new environment. 
don't forget the spfile/init.ora 

I found a quite good walkthrough which should help you to perform the upgrade: 

I hope this helps. 

best regards, 

On Mon, Aug 10, 2009 at 17:47, sundar 
mahadevan< > wrote: 
Both of them have the same OS. These are test machines. Host 1 is 933 Mhz 
intel processor and Host 2 is 1.83 Ghz Intel T2400. Please find below cat 
/proc/cpuinfo from both hosts. Both of them belong to the same CPU family : 

You said" In this case you just can copy the database and upgrade 

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