Finally joining the 21st century (11g upgrade)

From: Janine Sisk <>
Date: Sun, 9 Aug 2009 23:15:51 -0700
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Being an Oracle DBA is only a small part of what I do, and my client's uses of Oracle are generally pretty lightweight, so I haven't really kept up with the latest. I have a couple of clients on 9i who are happy to stay there for as long as possible, and one on 8i. The latter is the reason I'm posting. After years of actively not wanting me to upgrade them, they have decided they want to go all the way to 11g.

I've done enough research to know that import/export is the best (and probably only) way to do this and I'm fine with that. It's one user, one fairly simple schema with a ton of data, and I'm moving them to a new system anyway. I know we'll have to do a bunch of testing to make sure everything works, and that's fine.

What I'm most worried about is myself and my lack of knowledge about 11g. It's clear a lot of things have changed, and there is a *ton* of information out there. So can you please recommend your favorite books and articles on getting up to speed with 11g, what has changed in 11g, etc and so forth?

Thank you!!!!


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