Re: move 9i r2 database on host 1 to 10g r1 on another host

From: Martin Berger <>
Date: Sat, 8 Aug 2009 22:33:08 +0200
Message-Id: <>


does host1 and host2 have the same OS and CPU-family? In this case you just can copy the database and upgrade it.



> Hi All,
> Many Thanks to Robert Freeman, Mark Bobak, Dick Goulet for helping
> me out on my previous question on incomplete recovery. Unfortunately
> I did not get a chance to resolve the issue as another DBA is
> currently working on it. So I cannot give any updates on it currently.
> I'm running a test environment. The test database is small. I would
> like to move/migrate 9i r2 database on host 1 to 10g r1 on host 2.
> 9i r2 and 10g r1 are the software versions on host 1 and 2
> respectively. I would like to receive suggestions on how to do this.
> My ideas are as follows: Create a new database on 10g r1 with the
> same name as test database on 9i r2 and export the tablespaces from
> host 1(9i r2) and import it in newly created database using
> transport_tablespace on host 2(10g r1). To my knowledge an export
> from 9i r2 will be compatible in 10g r1. Any help is greatly
> appreciated. Can the same step be followed for large databases? If
> not what would be procedure for large databases? Thanks in advance.
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