Re: db_cache_size, granules and large amount of physical memory

From: ~Jeff~ <>
Date: Thu, 6 Aug 2009 22:43:26 +1200
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We had similar issues on a T5140 ... IIRC the fix involved setting the cpu_count to a more 'sane' value. Our problem was actually the minimum SGA being too large to allow the necessary number of instances on the server. If you run utlrp.sql it will go a bit nuts with such a big cpu_count as well, as it has some default parallelism built in to it... I'm pretty sure the above is right, though I'm not at that client anymore. HTH!
Jeff Wong

2009/8/6 LS Cheng <>

> Hi
> I am working with several Sun M9000 servers, it looks like that
> db_cache_size has quite large default values (even set to a low value) when
> the server has a large amount of physical memory.
> For example:
> server 1 has 16 quadcore Sparc 960MHz with threading on so it shows 128
> CPU, with 512GB physicla memory
> server 2 has 4 quadcore Sparc 960MHz with threading on so it shows 32 CPU,
> with 128GB physicla memory
> When db_cache_size is manually set to 64MB in server 1 it actually uses
> 512MB and server 2 128MB.
> Is there anyway to decrease this default limit?
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