RE: ok this sounds crazy BUT, is it a bug

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Date: Tue, 4 Aug 2009 13:34:59 -0400
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So if you force Oracle into the Hobson's choice of obeying your delay versus stopping updates on the primary they allow your delay to be comprimised to keep things rolling. I believe that is a bug. Here is my reasoning: Injection of a delay is a security and/or safety mechanism which must always trump performance (even a temporary hang.) Of course you can logically infinitely (and indefinitely within the space available) extend the wrap window by adding online log groups, so there is always and out. This is essentially the same situation as archiver stuck due to no available space on the archive device, and consistent logic should be applied in unwrapping the dilemna.  

So I think they should be making the other choice to the degree that I would call it a bug. On the other hand, even if you agree with me that it is a bug, it is a bug that for all practical purposes you can avoid.  

I hope what I just wrote makes sense to all y'all.  

Joe you push the coolest corner cases going.  



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Well i forced enough log switches to have gone thru all of the redo logs, and that forced it across, I'm thinking that even though I asked to redo log delay, its really falling back to archive logs apply, time to go and dig in the DRC*.logs.

thanks, joe

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