RE: changing init.ora and spfile

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Date: Fri, 31 Jul 2009 15:03:00 -0400
Message-ID: <> would be a nice enhancement to be able to do something like: alter system set db_cache_size = 4G scope=both comment='Updated by M.Bobak as per Change Control Request #78512';

And have that comment recorded somewhere in the data dictionary, and automatically dumped when you did a 'create pfile from spfile;'. do I file an enhancement request?


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For the same reason, I prefer init.ora over spfile. I can put comments for reason for specific parameter value, group similar parameters (e.g. all memory related parameter together etc). Putting comments also satisfy auditors.

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RE: changing init.ora and spfile

My only problem with creating pfile from spfile is I lose all of the internal documentation, why can't oracle keep all of those # lines in the spfile, dooohhh.


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RE: changing init.ora and spfile

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You can do that. What I usually do is create a pfile from spfile (don't overwrite your changes if you have already edited yours. Then I can keep a human readable copy around. So do your renaming or whatever, and put in place the new init<>.ora file.

Create spfile from pfile;
(sometimes I do the reverse also for same reasons as above, create pfile from spfile).
Startup (it will use the spfile you just created). (Works as a test also, redundant or not).

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Subject: changing init.ora and spfile


I want to make sure that I am making this change correctly. I have a DB which users spfile and I need to increase the SGA_MAX and SGA_TARGET parameters. My plan is to

  • modify the init.ora file
  • make a copy of an existing spfile
  • shut down the database
  • restart as startup using pfile=initXXX.ora
  • when database is started execute create spfile from pfile

That should guarantee that these changes are in the spfile and will not be
lost next time the database is bounced. Am I correct?

thank you

Gene Gurevich

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