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Date: Tue, 28 Jul 2009 19:15:52 -0400
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Agreed- I have done this a few times with 3 node Dataguard configuration. One thing to note is that your applications need to have a correctly configured tnsnames.ora (or jdbc connect string) if you want them to connect to the current primary node. If one node is down, then data will stack up on the primary until that node is brought back up. It should catch up as long as disk for archive logs is not exhausted (or other speed limits are hit).  

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if correctly configured and the switchover is done correctly then yes, for many practical purposes no.  

you'll need to let us know at least  

the LOG_ARCHIVE_x values,

the net8 config

any dg broker config

and your switchover process.

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3 - HP Servers running RH Linux

Primary Database - DB-A
Physical Standby - DB-B
Logical Standby - DB-C

So I have the primary database of DB-A and it replicates to both DB-B and DB-C. The Logical standby DB-C has a couple of reporting schemas in addition to the primary DB schemas. My question is.....if I perform a switchover from the primary DB-A to the physical standby DB-B, will DB-B also replicate to DB-C after the switchover since it will become the primary database? It probably doesn't matter, but each database is on its own server.

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