RE: Locally managed tablespaces - autoallocate vs. uniform

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Date: Tue, 28 Jul 2009 14:04:27 -0400
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I say choose what ever method fits your space management plan. We like uniform extends since we use raw partitions which for a practical purpose do not support auto-extending of the datafiles, but we have auto-allocate tablespaces supporting most of our vendor (third-party) products. With one exception where the product actually managed to create a free space fragmentation condition the feature works well. For that one product we converted the tablespace to using uniform extents and have not had an issue since.

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I would highly recommend AUTOALLLOCATE. If you want bigger extents, just use a large INITIAL value (like 100-200MB).

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> If I could use the autoallocate option, it would simplify my task
> considerably.  Is there any disadvantage to doing so?

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