Re: How do you feel about allowing non-DBA's on your database servers?

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Date: Tue, 28 Jul 2009 05:30:28 -0700 (PDT)
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sorry I do not agree with rich and mike..let me put..access to production should be restricted.. :)

Three identical environments are(has to be provided) provided and one more standby(optional) identical to all these three environments. usually many of management guyes are smart enough to give you only two environments production and development +test

three identical environments are production, development, qa and or testing (and one standby common to all used mostly in case you have urgent dead lines, or a huge lavy for not meeting the dead lines and recovery of any of the environment is going to take longer time)

your code is developed on development with desired, mentioned and accepted platform and patch level, database on development as per SRS.

then it is taken to test which also has same platform and patch level, database and data..where qc is going to test as per test plan.

after this the code is put on production..where it is tested by your qc and then by UAT (user acceptance test) by your client then only it is released for end user.

whenever you see a problem on production a SPR (software problem report) has to be filled and to be given to the PM/PL (or your concerned person on site).

As per the SPR why and how it is not possible to produce the scnerio on development and test boxes, when OS,patch level, databases, (data which is subset of production on development and test) middle tier, code is per the test case you only need to create or load the data !

the cause of confusion may be there is a little awareness about quality and or cut short in quality process. many of the people do not know qa and qc is are they going to understand unit test, intigrity testing,system testing..bug reports, types of bugs priority of bug with respect to development cycle and develiverables etc.  qa is what..which we agree to deliver and measurement of delivery and measurement of failures in dilivery (it is feedback to qc and production process) qc is what..only inspection..of deliverables..if any development is non deliverable it only should be marked as non diliverable, qc should not apply test plans on has to inform about the non-billable efforts put on this development and accordingly process should take the cognizance.


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> If you
> don't allow developers on the PROD system, how are they going to
> trouble-shoot problems which surface in the PROD system but not the TEST
> system?


> Mike

Therein lies one of the most prevalent problems in business software development today, IMHO -- testing.  Is it right to assume that a Production database will contain the necessary data scenarios that need to be tested?

This is a huge subject that can hardly be decided by a few over a mailing list.  It's a complex issue with real dollars attached.  Comprehensive testing on a change to a complex system like an ERP is not cheap.  And perhaps in (many?) cases, not warranted.  But the inverse of assuming that one can only properly test with Production data is missing the target.

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Programmer, SA, DBA over the past 20+ years.


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