RE: How do you feel about allowing non-DBA's on your database servers?

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Date: Mon, 27 Jul 2009 16:49:12 +0100
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Your position is basically the correct one, and one the customer ought to appreciate in the era of SOX and all those other tricky compliance issues. However, the fact that the client is under this pressure suggests that the DBAs and Sysadmin types are not being sufficiently responsive to requests from Support and Development.  

Obvious everybody is overworked and too busy these days, but if the people who got root don't make time to help Support and Dev then they will come under pressure to broaden access to the servers. It's not necessarily right but it is understandable.  

Having been on both sides of the fence I can assure you there are no easy answers. The way forward is for the client needs to get representatives from all the interested parties in the same room to discuss it. At which meeting they'll probably discover that Development don't want to run sar at the drop of a hat, they just need regular (daily) profile reports , and Support needs ps running within five minutes of asking, on average twice a week.  

Cheers, APC  

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Subject: How do you feel about allowing non-DBA's on your database servers?  

So, I've got a client that is being pressured by development and support types to allow access to their database servers. They claim that it's so they can use tools like ps, sar, topas, etc.... to monitor performance and deal with support issues.

My position is that this is a huge risk and that I would want an very limited population of users (read DBA's and SYSADMIN's only) to have access to these servers.

Anyone have an opinion on this?


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