RE: How do you feel about allowing non-DBA's on your database servers?

From: Roberts, David (GSD - UK) <"Roberts,>
Date: Mon, 27 Jul 2009 17:16:04 +0100
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I would say that there a 3 Scenarios.  

Firstly, the historical scenario where for performance reasons, the application and Database are both implemented on the same server.  

Here it is unfortunately necessary that developers have access to their application. However I would also suggest that it would probably be worth re-architecting to solution so that the database was segregated from the application, even if the only way to justify it would be to dangle to possibility of saving on Database license costs.  

Secondly, there is the scenario where the DBA does not have root access, where the sysadmin is required to run on your behalf etc.  

In this scenario, it is the ultimate responsibility of the sysadmin to either grant or deny access, although it is obviously appropriate for the DBA to advise (against).  

Finally there is the scenario where the DBA has free access to root.  

It is of critical importance that duhvelopers are not granted access in this scenario. I have seen many cases where DBAs have chmoded 777 /usr/local/bin, so they can copy in their scripts without resetting the permissions afterwards, or writing root crontab setups to flat files to edit them safely, and then after the new settings have been implemented not deleting the crontab file backup, so any user can then read the contents of the old root crontab file!  

It is a given that the DBA is the expert in Oracle, they are unlikely to be an expert in all the underlying operating systems on which Oracle is implemented. In the area of the operating system, the developers are likely to have knowledge that the DBA lacks, and granting access is probably going to give the developers substantially more power than was anticipated or planned.  


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