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From: Karl Arao <>
Date: Mon, 27 Jul 2009 21:02:18 +0800
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I think you should use the SE software. Just follow the Metalink note below.

Converting from Enterprise Edition to Standard Edition

          Doc ID: Note:139642.1

See the snippet from the note..


    The only way to properly convert from an Enterprise Edition back to a     Standard Edition is through an Export/Import operation. This way you will     get rid of all Enterprise Edition specific Data Dictionary objects, as the     SYS schema objects are not exported. The Standard Edition EXP utility is     preferred to be used to export the data.

    After the Import in the Standard Edition database, you only need to drop     all user schemas related to Enterprise Edition features, such as the MDSYS     account (used with Oracle Spatial).

Then to convert from SE to EE. Here are the steps:

To convert and switch the " SE database" to be run from " EE + CPU"
Following are the steps (this assumes they're on the same box):

  1. Shutdown the database
  2. Take complete cold backup of the database
  3. Copy pfile/spfile (that used to start the database) to < EE>/dbs , Also you may have to edit the /etc/oratab to point to the EE home
  4. Refer Patchset README and Complete the ' patchset Post installation steps' i.e executing catupgrd.sql in upgrade mode
  5. Refer CPU Patch README, and complete 'CPU Patch Post Installation steps' i.e executing catcpu.sql
  6. Now database conversion from ' SE' to ' EE + CPU' is completed

do you have to run catalog and catproc?
catupgrd.sql automatically calls catalog and catproc scripts. There is no need to execute them manually

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